How to Make a Quick Fashion Post in under 30 minutes.

Jun 9th 2017

The following will be some key tips on how to write a fashion blog in less than 30 minutes!

Step 1: Pick a topic

Thinking about something to blog about can take way too long if you let it. This is why its always good to have a stash of writing ideas handy for when needed. When picking a topic make sure its not too complex and in need of a timely photo shoot.

Make sure it's not something too in-depth or requiring a lengthy photo shoot. Nail down a post that will require only one or two images, and only one or two paragraphs of text at most.

Step 2: Picking imagery.

Try to avoid collage based imagery because this often takes a lot of time and patience in assembling just one image.

If your post requires collage imagery limit your collage to 5 pieces or so and grab that embed code. It helps to have a very clear idea of what items you want to include before starting .

If you're whipping up an extra-quick outfit post, cue up the camera on your smartphone, and ask your obliging neighbor/roommate/parent/significant other to snap 10 photos in rapid succession: 5 vertical, 5 horizontal. Move your body, smile, and strike a couple poses. Make quick edits in the app, and email the photos to yourself.

Grabbing an image from another site? Be sure to note the URL of the source to include in your post, and size it appropriately for your blog's dimensions. Generally, 600 x 900 for vertical images and 750 x 400 works for horizontal. Also be sure that the images are non-licensed or that you give the photographer credit.

Step 3: Tap out your entertaining

The trick to quick writing is just to go. Don't hesitate, don't debate over how to get started just get started. Even if you can only make a bulleted list at first, do it! The words will come, as soon as your mind begins to form them. Whether your style is stream of consciousness, outlining or listing, the hurdle of the first word is the toughest.

Once you have your main ideas and points written out, go back in and fill in the flourishes, add your personality, make paragraphs and full sentences. Do whatever you need to do to make your post representative of you.

Don't read over what you've written until you're pretty much done because this will stand as a distraction that will waste time. Add in your hyperlinks to brands, affiliates, social media, etc. and then save your changes. Preview your post for corrections and edits.

Go back in and make your changes, then save and schedule your post to go up on your website.

Step 4: Finalize

Now is the time to pick your most entertaing title to grab viewers’ attention. Grab the wittiest, most entertaining line or basic gist of your post and widdle it down to the briefest of sentences. Paste it into Twitter and add your post's specific URL. Tweet! That took what, a minute and a half?

Summarize your post or grab the best sentence and paste it into your Facebook page's status box, along with your unique URL. Upload the main image from your post to go with it. Make sure to pick the cover image carefully because this is what is going to first catch the eye.