10 Ways to take your Outfit from Drab to Fab

1. Swap you vest from under your coat to over it..

If you want to add a little something to a boring inexpensive or detail- lacking jacket you can place a jazzy vest over it to

2. Bring down your joggers to your waist instead of around your hipsPull your jogger pants down around your hips, instead of wearing them up around your waist.

Most drawstring pants, joggers and silk Pjs are meant to be worn at your waist, not your hip. Having your joggers around your waist can often make you look frumpy unless youre a runway model, which most of us aren’t. Pair your joggers with a loose top and chif fitted jacket for a streamline look. To really bring this look together add some heels and a loud bag.

3. Give your shapeless dress some.

Creating a flattering suilette doesn’t always require a cinched waist. To give a sack dress some form without a belt use a tailed cropped jacket to create that hour glass effect while still maintaining a comfortable flow to your waist and hips. This creates waist emphasis without a belt.

4. Save the jeans for a rainy day.

We see this all the time as most peoples’ go-to, an oversized sweater and some well fitting jeans. Lets be honest though, this is super boring! To create a look still with that comfy over-sized sweater weat a shear dress unter it to look good and feel good too. The dress or skirt you choose will streamline your waist creating extra emphasis on what ya mama gave ya.

5. Include different cuts and proportions to your look.

Have some fun experimenting with different cuts and lengths of tops. Instead of that boring full length sweater you grab in a pinch try a cropped sweater. Pair this with a fitted light top under. This will slim your waist and give the illusion of showing some skin while actually staying covered. Join this all with some cute knee high socks. Done right this look can totally have you snapping necks from double-takes.

6. Don't be afraid to go with that loud accessory or clothing article.

While out we often fall in love with a piece get it then are not sure how to pull it off or are intimidated by being too loud. Its ok to have a statement piece and even quite alright to pair more than one together. You just have to maintain a level of cohesiveness. Its pretty easy to call it quits and just wear all black with those special shoes. This however can make the shoes wear you instead of you wearing the shoes. Keep with a simple black dress and add a couple statement pieces that pair well together to go for a more unified look. 

7. Wear your jacket on your shoulders, not on your arms.

While you may have thought only Kardashians can pull this off hat simply just isn’t true. Not only does this bring some sophistication to a look but its super comfortable! Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? When doing this avoid cropped jackets as this can look awkward. Stick to longer jackets to give an elegant cape-like effect that will have you looking like royalty. A good style tip also to add with this if wearing jeans and heels is to fold upwards your jeans in a rolled up manner. This brings forward the shape of your shoe while slimming your legs and giving you a taller more flattering appearance.

8. Replace the bulky necklace for something more on-trend and simple.

Large chenky jewelry can often be tough to pull off and often can end in doing far too much. For statement pieces its best to keep it simple and on-trend. Replace that large necklass with cool ear cuff, ring or bangle instead. Often more than not, less is more in terms of jewelry. Unless you want the jewelry to steal the show best stay intune with the rule of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly).

9.Put the belt back in the closet.

Most peoples go to for waist emphasis is a belt around the mid section. Instead supstitue this will a long shirt that you can tuck into a highwaisted skirt or pant. High waisted articles of clothing serve two purposes, they elongate you and give the illusions of a smaller waist.

10. Quit pulling your shirt over your waist.

When you pull your shirt over you waist like that it provies a line across your waist which is especially visible if the thirst is of a light color. This is even more pronounced if youre wearing a belt. Substitute the shirt with a crop top and own that waist! Not only do crop tops bring in your waist line but theyre incredibly comfortable and elongate your legs